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Total hip replacement is an excellent pain...In the first few weeks of rehabilitation, your physical therapist will help you stretch and strengthen the muscles about your knee.You will meet your surgeon, his operating room nurse and staff, along with the anesthesiologist or anesthetist (a nurse who has done graduate training to provide anesthesia under the supervision of an anesthesiologist).

Try to arrange for someone to visit you at home to help you for up to six weeks.You should discuss with your physician the exact level of sport participation recommended for you.

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It can also help to talk to someone else who has undergone the same surgery.

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In general, patients who have undergone total knee replacement should avoid high-impact activities that cause high stress loads on the implant and therefore may increase the risk of early failure.Following total knee replacement, you should be instructed about limitations and have good self-control and self-awareness when returning to recreational sports.Icing your knee for 20 to 30 minutes a few times a day during the first few weeks after surgery will help reduce pain and swelling.

Watch a video that will guide you through the knee replacement process,.This will be initially performed at your home with a home physical therapist.Your implants may also be detected in airport metal detectors.

Here are some important steps to remember for the day of your surgery.After opening the joint, the surgeon uses precision instruments to cut and reshape the knee joint in order to accomodate the prosthetic components.If you were given spinal anesthesia, you may not have any sensation in your legs when you wake up after surgery.Partial inside or outside replacement has good outcomes for up to 10 years after surgery.Recovering from knee replacement surgery is easier when you know what to.You will work with your doctor to assess when you are ready to resume activities like driving, returning to work or resuming sports.

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The front (anterior) muscles are incised and the joint is exposed.You will be ready to leave the hospital when you can get in and out of bed and a chair, go up and down a few stairs, bend your knee between 70 and 90 degrees, and manage your pain with oral medication.Total knee replacement can help put an end to arthritic pain in your knee and enable you to resume a functional and active lifestyle.For two or three days after surgery, you may experience an elevated temperature.Taking one every four to six hours as directed is a good idea during the first few days to suppress pain.

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After surgery, most activities require some reflection and often some modification.Arrange for someone to drive you home when you are released, usually within three to six days after surgery.Pack a bag for someone to bring you the day after surgery that contains a full length robe, toiletries, underwear, personal phone numbers you may need, and any other items you would like to have around during your hospital stay.

Wear loose fitting clothing for your arrival to the hospital.During the operation, surgeons check the alignment of the knee as well as test function and stability of the knee joint.

It is useful to discuss this with the doctor before surgery so that you can make appropriate arrangements.Learn what to expect from physical therapy week-by-week after your total knee replacement.Patients who comply with physical therapy exercises tend to recover much faster. (See exercises after knee surgery ) With continued careful attention to your new joint, you should gradually increase your mobility until you can walk around the house without pain and then without crutches or a walker.