How long does it take to recover from pulmonary embolism

I have had a echocardiogram 3 days before my PE was diagnosed by VQ scan.I have panic attacks and also have been diagnosed with anxiety and atrial fib.I could not do anything for several months after I was discharged form the hospital.They gave me xrays and hooked me up to heart monitors, was very scary.I have just had my first chest infection after have a PE in April of this year.I had to wean my baby over Christmas week in anticipation of moving to a new drug once again.

Just wanted to skate that it is not all gloom, gloom, and doom with everyone.Hi Sara, my name is Sean and my wife was just diagnosed 2 days ago with bi-lateral pulmonary embolisms, clots in both lungs.

I was surprise to be hospitalized at all because I did not feel that bad.Before that I had a bit of breathlessness a few weeks before and chest pains which I thought was heartburn.When we stopped for the night in Va I got out to check into our motel and I found that I was having a hard time breathing so my husband called 911 and was taken to an emergency room.My oxygen levels were super low and I was put on oxygen immediately, An EKG, ultrasound of both legs (nothing showed), a CT Scan of lungs (2 large bi lateral blood clots, the culprits), echocardiogram (showing an enlargement on the right side of the heart), they felt it may be from the stress placed on the heart from the clots.My periods last up to 10 days and I go through 3 large boxes of heavy pads.They kept telling me that I was too young to have blood clots.For this reason, medication to prevent clots may be given before and after major surgery such as joint replacement.I think the parts of recovery you describe about still feeling pains and shortness of breath after exercise are all a normal part of recovery.I cant remember much of the ride as i was in and out of consciousness.

Sitting in a cramped position during lengthy plane or car trips slows blood flow in the legs, which contributes to the formation of clots.As it is, the doctors keep suggesting that it could be something else so I keep having blood tests for thyroid problems, etc.I had my 2nd PE n my inr was not manage right n then months later had another.

She spent 5 days in ICU and is now going to assisted care for further rehab.I am definitely hyper vigilant about every new pain or symptom, which I personally find annoying.Recovery takes a long time and is slow, especially in the beginning, but things do get better slowly and over time.I had to go off blood thinners before surgeries and was scared but put my life in the hands of God.I found that this really helped me build up my lung capacity.The body can also accommodate for the damaged area by creating scar tissue and rerouting blood flow through or around the clot.I had the mental health team and physio help me through whilst there and once my warfarin was kicking in and was ready to go home, they discharged me.

Surgery. Surgery is one of the leading causes of problem blood clots.I stand all day but am now lifting heavy cardboard from a stack and loading into a machine.Any use of this site constitutes your agreement to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy linked below.I hope you are seeing a few better days now than in the beginning.On May 28th I was going into work and almost passed out going in.

Here are a few things I have discovered during the recovery process that are important for healing.I was diagnosed with PTS by a vascular surgeon three months ago.I had to stop exercising for another three weeks and just got back into it two weeks ago.

I should have taken them in cream form to go right into the blood stream.My doctor did not say a word to me about having pain for a while.It was a little painful, but it lasted for maybe 2 hours and then went away, so I thought nothing of it.The surgery had to be postponed, and since I was more scared of the surgery than the bloodclot, I was actually relieved when I got it.I regret that nobody sat with me, and explain a little more what was going to happen next, and give me a little more support.It is now April and I am still sleeping anywhere from 10-14 hours at night, depressed, breathless, dizzy, and scared.I personally would want to know, but I understand your hesitation.Many MRI centers allow a friend or parent to stay in the room as long as they are.

What I have found though, is thst any respiratory illness does knock you about much more and takes longer to recover from.A bit of oxygen and rest and she is back to mid to high nineties.Even when I got breathless, I thought I was having panic attacks.Now the new pain is in my left lower abdomin and I have a brown color discharge.Only the body can dissolve a blood clot and in some cases, the blood clot does not dissolve and will not dissolve.So weather you are in shape are not your recovery is personal and depends on where how many how big your PE is.

It comes on completely at random and lasts anywhere from a few seconds to a few hours of dull squeezing.I understand and I believe you and what you are going through.I only used it for a few weeks and honestly it was for mental clarity.That was the scariest thing I had ever heard and since that night, I have lived in fear that it will happen again, though I try not to let it consume me.Then with in an hour they came to me telling me that you have 2 massive clots in your lungs.Today I may feel up to going for a walk and the next I try and have to turn back.I had bi lateral PE and the lower lobes of each of my lungs were severally clotted.I am thinking of you and hoping you now have more good days than bad.