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If immediate care is not possible, patient should be frozen into cryosleep or put into a File:Stasis Bag.png stasis bag.These may or may not be dangerous, depending on their nature.Operating Table - Where all your surgeries should take place.

Increases the speed of healing for brute damage and stops wounds from bleeding.High-velocity collisions with shrapnel, ballistic munitions and sharp implements.In case of skull or rib factures, do not let patient move around, since bone shards can damage internal organs.

A single-use 5 unit injector containing inaprovaline for use in emergencies.Amount of blood left over in the body is visible on the Health analyzer.Medicine Net. com. Blood tests may be performed to check for a low red blood cell count,.

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In situations where there are multiple critical patients being reported or flooding into medbay, use the Triage System.Medical Belts - Can be loaded with medications for easy access.The beaker inside the sleeper will fill with the blood and eventually you will need to empty it.

Reasons for a Low Red Blood Count. blood count, acute or chronic internal bleeding can.Painkillers will numb the pain while patient is waiting for surgery.Common side effects of Coumadin include easy bruising and bleeding, nausea.When a patient has infected wounds, they will spread their germ level to the muscles of the bodypart that wound is on, and this is where things get bad.

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Cuts and bleeds will close up and heal into uninfectable bruises, but burns will only heal into lesser burns which are still infectable.Passing blood from the rectum that is dark red or includes clots.Blunt head trauma, acid exposure, high temperatures exposure.Facial Deformities (showing up as Unknown) are often coupled with skull fractures.Guide to Construction, Guide to Advanced Construction, Construction Materials, Hacking.If they have toxins above 60, their liver will start to break down.Infection is a condition whereby bacteria infest an open or untreated wound, and start eating the body from the inside.

In case they are unavailable, administer Dylovene in repeated doses until the radiation wears off.Blood tests may be performed to check for a low red blood cell count,. low blood pressure,.Observation Shutter Switch - Prevents people in the observation area from watching the surgery.Take a nearby beaker filled with Cryoxadone and then click on the same cell you placed the clone in to load the beaker into the cell.

The effects of these stages stack on top of each other, and they also stack for each seperate bodypart.If an analyser shows a non medical reagent in their stomach, then they probably ate or drank something poisonous.

Medical Doctor - Paramedic - Psychologist - Chemist - Geneticist - Virologist.For hallucination damage, treat cause of damage, (repair any genetic damage for radiation or inject dylovene for poisoning), and then let patient sleep it off as you would with holo-damage.Toxin damage is the most difficult damage type to diagnose, because it has so many different causes.Body scanner is used to locate broken bones, organ damage, and internal bleeding.Be sure to check periodically to see if the chambers need to be restocked with chemicals.Surgery Cleaner - Sterlize the operating table after every surgery by clicking on it with the cleaner in hand.

The patient will suffer a fever, which will show an increased body temperature on Health Analysers.Bring them out of the cryotubes so that the spaceacillin can work, and gradually bring down the infection.In the world of Baystation Medicine, most damage will fall under four major categories: Suffocation, Toxin, Brute, and Burn.These will show up on the Health Analyzer and in low amounts are very easily treated.Injuries located on robotic limbs cannot be treated by the standard equipment located in Medbay.Coughing, sneezing, vomiting, hallucinations, twitching, urges to eat, feeling pale, are all symptoms of various diseases.If all of the above are fine, then the problem is an internal organ, the lungs in most cases.There are three different types of wounds that can become infected.

Stops metabolism(breathing, bleeding, chemicals in blood, etc.).Administer dialysis to purge the toxins from the blood, until the toxin levels stop rising.Spaceacillin will now only cause the germ level to drop by 2 points per second, making it far slower to treat, and the patient will start to suffer a point of toxin damage, roughly every 30 seconds.

A cryo tube can slow or stop a patient from dying, as well as healing some kinds of damage.Inject patient with any dose of bicaridine to stop internal wounds from growing larger.Internal bleeding in the leg. (because of internal bleeding)and blood has.