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At 65 I have just had my second THR within 4 months of the first one, and both times I have been given blood thinners during the 7 day hospital stay as.Martz and Melstrom ASPIRIN AND BLOOD THINNER LIST This is a list of medications that have an affect on the blood clotting process.It is possible to undergo elective cosmetic surgery, such as a neck lift while on blood thinners.Patients can be given anticoagulants following surgery, and the choice of blood thinner includes balancing the risk of clotting with the risk of bleeding after surgery.

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My surgeon told me I would be put on blood thinners (Coumadin) for about a month.

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How do they treat patients on Coumadin who need. been on the blood thinner,. help with the clotting of blood prior to and during surgery along with.

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Study indicates blood thinners may not be needed during surgery.If you are taking a blood thinner, even if it is an aspirin a day, be sure to discuss this with your surgeon.While slower clotting is desirable after surgery, being more likely to bleed during surgery is not.

My surgeon felt it would be ok to stop the blood thinner as I was by now active enough for the blood to regulate itself.

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Open-heart surgery is when the chest is cut open and surgery is performed on the muscles, valves, or arteries of the heart.The tissue valves have an advantage in that patients do not need to take a blood thinner.While at the hospital for the first THR I was given blood thinners by pill, during the second time I was given a daily needle as well as daily blood thinner pills.Until recently, men taking blood thinner medication had no surgical option for treating urination problems caused by benign.Lovenox: Also known as low molecular weight heparin, Lovenox is typically used in the hospital.

Coumadin increases the length of time it takes your body to form a clot, and is frequently used by people with heart conditions that can lead to clot formation.In the hospital setting, this blood thinner is typically used for patients who routinely take the medication before surgery, and they are often discharged home with instructions to continue taking this prescription.Suddenly something as simple as a nose bleed or a paper cut leads to more bleeding than normal.

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A blood thinner is a medicine that helps prevent blood clots from forming.

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I was also told to go off the NSAIDS a week prior, so no Naproxin but they gave me Viocodin to replace it.Understanding the Potential Risks and Complications of Open Heart Surgery.Like heparin, it is given as an injection into the fatty tissue of the abdomen, and is typically not used at home.It is not typically taken at home, as it requires regular monitoring of blood tests.I agree with Kim1313, going without the usual pain meds this week is hard, but I know it will be worth it.

Fortunately the blood clot dissipated but it was really a nightmare, and really scary.YOU want blood thinners when you are immobilized.It is often encouraged to be taken daily for older patients to help prevent stroke and heart attacks.

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Cataract Surgery: Risks and Complications of Cataract Removal.North Shore Eye Care is able to perform surgery on patients taking blood thinners, despite the typical aversion to such a combination.POST-OPERATIVE BLOOD THINNERS Please be aware that injection blood thinners may be used in the hospital after your surgery and that your physician may send you home.Managing blood thinner medication before pacemaker or defibrillator surgery is a common challenge, but a new study.